The accidental connoisseur : an irreverent journey though the wine world

by Lawrence Osborne

Paper Book, 2004




New York : North Point Press, 2004.


A wine expert takes readers on a tour of the farmers, vineyards, technology, journalism, consumer trends, and trade wars that make the wine business what it is today, introducing the obsessives and eccentrics who populate the industry.

Media reviews

GREAT wine writing is extraordinarily rare. Ovid, A. J. Liebling, Marcus Aurelius -- that about does it (depending where you stand on Rabelais). Enough only for one of those famous thin books like ''The Battlefield Victories of Charles de Gaulle'' or ''The Joy of Irish Sex.'' Lawrence Osborne is undaunted, however; he sets out to make ''Great Wine Writing'' a good deal thicker. Osborne, a journalist whose previous books include ''Paris Dreambook'' and ''American Normal,'' embarks on an oeno-odyssey through several major regions of wine production (Napa, Bordeaux, Piedmont) and others not so celebrated (Languedoc, Lazio, Puglia). He drinks heartily with wine producers in each place. He presents himself as a wine naïf, brought up in a wine-hostile environment (the Home Counties of England). His quest is to discover what good taste in wine really means, and whether he has any himself.

User reviews

LibraryThing member evergene
Osborne's perspective is a very refreshing antidote to the blather that comprises so much of current writing about wine. In his interviews with wine makers, he captured the wide range of views on both the craft and the business.
LibraryThing member debnance
Lawrence Osborne learns about wine by taking a journey through the wine world. And, in the process, we learn a bit about wine, too.


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