The not so big life : making room for what really matters

by Sarah Susanka

Paper Book, 2007




New York : Random House, c2007.


Have you ever found yourself asking, "Is this all there is to life?" Or wondering if this bigger life you have created is actually a better life? And how it all got so out of control? In her previous book, The Not So Big House, architect Susanka showed us a new way to inhabit our houses. Now, she takes her philosophy to another dimension by showing us a new way to inhabit our lives. Most of us have lives that are as cluttered with unwanted obligations as our attics are cluttered with things. Our ability to find the time to do what we want to do has come to a grinding halt. Susanka shows us that it is possible to take our finger off the fast-forward button, and to our surprise we find how effortless and rewarding this change can be.--From publisher description.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member montano
The other books in the Not So Big series are revolutionary in this era of McMansions but this book stumbles on its topic. The advice given here is obvious and available in nearly every self-help book out there. The author tries to relate her life topics and advice to architectural concepts but the connections are tenuous. A disappointing effort from an otherwise great author.… (more)
LibraryThing member mldg
While Susanka brings her unique voice and experience to the issues of how we must live, this book is a rehash of principles that I've read better expressed by other authors.


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