The crooked timber of humanity : chapters in the history of ideas

by Sir. Isaiah Berlin

Paper Book, 1991


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Due Oct 28, 2019


New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1991.

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LibraryThing member NativeRoses
Berlin ferrets out the roots of the prejudice, intolerance, fanaticism and lust for domination that blight the modern world. He is leery of disruptive nationalisms that presume a nation's unique mission and intrinsic superiority--and that often foster racial and ethnic hatreds. He persuasively interprets 18th-century French reactionary thinker Joseph de Maistre as a harbinger of fascism. The Romantic movement's dismissal of the very notion of objective truth, its glorification of defiance and martyrdom, are, to Berlin, a disturbing legacy. While nodding to cultural pluralism, he insists that "we inhabit one common moral world." In tracing the pedigree of such novel ideals as tolerance, liberty and social equality from the Enlightenment onward, these erudite, engaging essays throw our century of massive violence into sharp perspective.… (more)
LibraryThing member JBreedlove
Not the easiest read but a great background on the history of philosophical thought in western Europe and the extremes to where it lead.I fast read through some parts but most was a review of a number of philosophers through history.


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