by R. W. B. Lewis

Paper Book, 2001




New York : Lipper/Viking, 2001.


Dante Alighieri was born in Florence in 1265. In 1309 he was banished from his birthplace for political reasons, and sentenced to death in his absence. From then on he led a wanderer's life in Verona and Tuscany, eventually settling in Ravenna where he was buried on his death in 1321.

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Genuine interest and flashs of insight cannot stop this bite sized biography from feeling like an extended, sometimes tedious, college 101 lecture. Professor Lewis, a Bancroft Prize winner, has an academic writing style ill suited for the Penguin Lives series. While I learned little of Dante's life that I did not already know, Lewis did inspire me to look into the two parts of the Comedy besides the Inferno.… (more)


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