Sex, ecology, spirituality : the spirit of evolution

by Ken Wilber

Hardcover, 1995




Boston : [New York, N.Y.] : Shambhala ; Distributed in the USA by Random House, Inc., 1995.


In this tour de force of scholarship and vision, Ken Wilber traces the course of evolution from matter to life to mind and describes the common patterns that evolution takes in all three of these domains. From the emergence of mind, he traces the evolution of human consciousness through its major stages of growth and development. He particularly focuses on modernity and postmodernity: what they mean; how they impact gender issues, psychotherapy, ecological concerns, and various liberation movements; and how the modern and postmodern world conceive of Spirit. This second edition features forty pages of new material, new diagrams, and extensively revised notes.

User reviews

LibraryThing member mbattenberg
All his books seem to repeat the same endless cataloguing and schematizing without really explaining anything
LibraryThing member bookcrazed
Wilber calls his three-volume opus (and only this first volume has yet to be published) "the minimum amount of information that is required to make a judgment about spirituality in the modern and postmodern world." To my way of thinking, he has successfully erased the boundaries between science and spirit, leaping forward into a distant, but worthy, future. Brilliant.… (more)



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