Wittgenstein a graphic guide

by John Heaton

Paper Book, 2009




London Icon 2009


An introduction to the work and personal life of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. It presents a man of contradictions: a rigorous logician who prized poetry above philosophy; a solitary man who inspired lifelong friendships; and a great teacher who advised his students to give up philosophy.

User reviews

LibraryThing member Redsfan
Even if you think that you don't like philosophy, especially if you don't like philosophy give it a try.
LibraryThing member dchaikin
18. Introducing Wittgenstein by John Heaton & illustrated by Judy Groves (1994, 173 pages, read Apr 18-20)

As part of my weird quest-to-reread-Infinite-Jest, I decided I needed to read certain key influences on David Foster Wallace, including Wittgenstein's Tractatus...or did I? And anyway, where to start on such a book? So, I started here. The illustrations are random and vaguely pointless, but text is nice and simple. It highlights how absolutely fascinating Wittgenstein the person was. I finished quite a bit confused on Tractatus, but felt something of a comprehension of Wittgenstein's main later work, [Philosophical Investigations] (published posthumously). The overall effect of this book was to get me started on and interested in Wittgenstein. That's a success.… (more)
LibraryThing member amarcobio
I like the ┬┤for beginners┬┤ series, and this one is no exception. A good introduction to a philosopher I've always found intimidating.
LibraryThing member galacticus
Good but not great.


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