The sky fisherman

by Craig Lesley

Hardcover, 1995




Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1995.


With his third novel, Craig Lesley comes into his own as an important American writer. Combining the familial loyalties and betrayals of Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It with the dead-on perfect ear for western dialect and local ritual of Thomas McGuane's Northing but Blue Skies, he presents a story that is both fresh and powerful. Laced with the solace of the great outdoors and the spirituality of the Indians on the local reservation, The Sky Fisherman is set in a small town in the Northwest, where the interwoven currents of love, death, and a boy's coming of age flow swiftly below a surface life of hard work and confrontation with the forces of nature. The boy, Culver, his twice-married mother, and his charismatic uncle Jake are shadowed by the death of Culver's father in a fishing accident. When a suspicious fire destroys the town mill and three murders occur, Culver's world is engulfed by the dangers swirling around him.… (more)

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LibraryThing member eilonwy_anne
At least until I graduate, I am holding off on giving stars to my professors' books.

Mr. Lesley has a habit of inscribing this book "I hope this honors the rural, small-town West." I think it does.

It's a story that starts small, in the details of a working-class life lived close to the bone, and
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opens up into the camaraderie, suspicions, and humor of a rich small-town life. The characters in the town and on the neighboring reservation are engaging and real. The plot draws you on from the narrator's concerns to town mysteries, and is ultimately driven by the cataclysms that can either shatter or cement a community.
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LibraryThing member juniperSun
What happens in this small town reflects the individualistic outlook of the characters, as they try to make a living in a place that commerce has passed by and tourism is their best hope. Point of view of a teen boy whose family is struggling. Scenario of all coming together to fight a building
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Sorry this review isn't any better: forgot to write it when the book was fresh in my mind. But I did keep the book, which means I thought it worth something.
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