Overdrive : Bill Gates and the race to control cyberspace

by James Wallace

Hardcover, 1997




New York : J. Wiley, c1997.


In this hard-hitting, controversial, and compelling account, acclaimed journalist James Wallace tells the inside story of Gates's no-holds-barred struggle to keep Microsoft on top. Wallace goes behind the scenes of Gates's ongoing battles with Novell, Borland, Lotus, and other competitors. He sheds new light on the Justice Department's antitrust investigation of Microsoft, from the reasons behind the transfer of the case from the FCC to Justice, to the astounding moment when, in the face of Gates's ferocious resistance, Justice blinked. Here, too, is the story behind the mega-marketing blitz that led to the most eagerly anticipated event in the history of the software industry: the spectacular launch of Windows 95. Moving from the boardrooms of IBM and Time Warner to the cramped research and development labs of Microsoft, this is a fascinating chronicle of high-stakes corporate maneuvering - part chess game, part cloak-and-dagger intrigue.Based on candid interviews with friends, colleagues, and competitors, as well as both current and former Microsoft employees, Overdrive also offers penetrating insight into Bill Gates the man vs. the media myth.… (more)



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