Queen Victoria : a personal history

by Christopher Hibbert

Hardcover, 2000




London : HarperCollins, 2000


The unearthing of lively, telling anecdotes is the special province of Christopher Hibbert, who delights in forcing readers, in the most entertaining way, to reassess all their notions about some of the world's most intriguing historical figures. His biography of Victoria is no exception. We learn in these pages that not only was she the formidable, demanding, capricious Queen of popular imagination, but she was also often shy and vulnerable, prone to giggling fits and crying jags. Often puritanical and censorious when confronted with her mother's moral lapses, she herself could be passionately sensual, emotional, and deeply sentimental. Her 64-year reign saw thrones fall, empires crumble, new continents explored, and England's rise to global and industrial dominance. Hibbert's account of Victoria's life and times is just as sweeping as he reveals to us the real Victoria in all her complexity: failed mother and imperious monarch, irrepressible woman and icon of a repressive age.--From publisher description.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member everfresh1
It is a personal history of queen Victoria - as claimed in the title - and it does not cover political background, either domestic of foreign policy. It just is briefly mentioned sometimes. As a personal history it's very detailed and gives a vivid portrait of that very unusual English monarch with
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all her strengths and shortcomings. A little slow sometimes.
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LibraryThing member Lukerik
When I started reading this I really had very little interest in Queen Victoria or the era but I got swept up! Hibbert's a shameless gossip and it's as if you're reading about things that happened just the other week. I dare you not to enjoy it. QV's interesting. At times you really like her and at
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others she appears to have some sort of personality disorder. I now want to read biographies of everyone else mentioned.
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LibraryThing member dasam
This is subtitled “A Personal History,” and that is a fair description. If you are looking for a biography that includes the political, sociological, diplomatic, and military contexts in any detail, this book will be a disappointment. If you are most interested in the family and other
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relationships, the happenings of court dinners, and wardrobes and such, this is the biography for you.
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