The doomsters

by Ross Macdonald

Paper Book, 1958




New York : Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 2007

User reviews

LibraryThing member RDHawk6886
All of MacDonald's stuff is brilliant,but this one is brilliant even for MacDonald. It's personal to Archer, a taut and compelling thriller and richly insightful as to the human condition.
LibraryThing member bontley
Good entry, not one of the best.
LibraryThing member bibleblaster
Between Hammett and Chandler, MacDonald is my choice. Archer's broody, moral, reflective and self-critical stance is a refreshing addition to the genre. A little bit of Faulkner on the mean streets. Not a great book, but a welcome reminder of reading MacDonald from the Cedar Rapids Public Library long, long ago.
LibraryThing member Matthew.Ducmanas
A darker, more morally ambiguous addition to Macdonald's hardboiled detective series. Archer is finally becoming more of a distinct character and the reader is offered more insight into his internal struggles and questioning. Often touted as a shift in the author's approach, The Doomsters certainly makes me look forward further entries in the series.… (more)
LibraryThing member leslie.98
Good twist to the plot near the end but for some reason, I found Lew Archer less likeable in this one.



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