Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, who called themselves the Nimipu, "the real people" : a poem

by Robert Penn Warren

Hardcover, 1983






New York : Random House


A narrative poem based upon the heroic life of the great chief of the Nez Perce Indians, is told partly in the first person by Joseph, partly in the voice of the poet.

User reviews

LibraryThing member avogl
It was interesting to read the story of Chief Joseph in poem form.
LibraryThing member m.belljackson
CHIEF JOSEPH of the NEZ PERCE stands as a heartbreaking wonder.

"Some read, remembered, Felt their hearts stir."

Deep thank you to author Robert Penn Warren for caring.

And, deep shock to William Tecumseh Sherman, hero of the American Civil War,
for his betrayal of Chief Joseph and his people, for his betrayal of his name.

Warren's profanity jarring...out of place...and unwelcome.
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