In all his glory : the life of William S. Paley, the legendary tycoon and his brilliant circle

by Sally Bedell Smith

Hardcover, 1990




New York : Simon and Schuster, c1990.


"He is to American broadcasting as Carnegie was to steel, Ford to automobiles, Luce to publishing, and Ruth to baseball," wrote The New York Times of Willian S. Paley--the man who built CBS, the "Tiffany Network." Sally Bedell Smith's In All His Glory takes a hard look at Paley and the perfect world he created for himself, revealing the extraordinary complexity of the man who let nothing get in the way of his vast ambitions. Tracing his life from Chicago, where Paley was born to a family of cigar makers, to the glamorous haunts of Manhattan, Smith shows us the shrewd, demanding egoist, the hedonist pursuing every form of pleasure, the corporate strongman famous for his energy and ruthlessness.   Drawing on highly placed CBS sources and hundreds of interviews, and with a supporting cast of such glittering figures as Truman Capote, Slim Keith, Jock Whitney, Ted Turner, David Sarnoff, Brooke Astor and a parade of Paley's humiliated heirs, In All His Glory is a richly textured story of business, power and social ambition. Praise for In All His Glory "A sweeping study of the emergence of broadcasting, the American immigrant experience, and the ravenous personal and professional tastes of Paley as he charmed and clawed his way to the top of society."--Los Angeles Times "Riveting...packed with revelations, rich in radio and TV lore, sprinkled with intrigues, glitz, and wheeling and dealing at the highest levels of media and government."--Publishers Weekly   "An impressive, meticulously researched work of broadcast history as well as a piquant glimpse inside CBS's corporate culture."--Time … (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member cng12345
I didn't think this would interest me....but it was very interesting.A review of history from 1940to 1980. Paley an selfish but talented man who hung on too long and could never exalt those who helped CBS become successful.The notes and comments on Edward R Murrow lead me to explore this mans history as well.
LibraryThing member stanrobinson
If you are a student of 20th Century and are interested in how the electronic age came about, In All His Glory is required reading. Not only do you get the biography of William S Paley, you also get an insight into how Radio and Television were born. Your biography reading list will increase by a dozen or more titles after you see the influence of several individuals on Bill Paley and how it all influenced Advertising and Politics of the 20th century.

As a history lesson Ms. Smith has most of her facts correct and carries you on a direct lineage of Bill Paley and his family members. You also see the effects of crisis such as the Great Depression and World Wars had on the changes made in media presentation and use. Ms. Smith did a great job in detailing the effects of a few greedy individuals and how it effected the lives we live.

A great read for the as a biography or as a 20th century history lesson. See how elections were changed first by radio and later by television. See the influence of a few indivuals on the pre-information age. One doubts these individuals could accomplish today what they did then just on the mere fact we live in such a transparent time with internet access.

Recommended reading for adolescents and up. There are some mature language and subject matter scattered throughout the book. Enjoy!
… (more)
LibraryThing member ShadowBarbara
Extremely long--could have been much shorter. Interesting insights into someone who could never end his career. Answered many of my questions about the 20th Century society.



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