Granta 52: Food, the vital stuff

by Graham Swift

Other authorsJ.M. Coetzee (Contributor), John Lanchester (Contributor)
Paper Book, 1995





London ; New York : Granta : Distributed by Penguin Books, c1995.

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LibraryThing member deebee1
A collection of short works having to do with yes, food, by various authors, including J.M. Coetzee, Graham Swift, Giles Foden among others. Interesting, informative, and thought-provoking, with writings about vegetarianism, aphrodisiacs, women and cooking in 1950s America, an experiment on men as
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chickens (cooked up by a weird British lady advocating for animal rights, here against "inhumane" treatment of battery chickens), unusual foods, cannibalism, etc etc.
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LibraryThing member amberwitch
An anthology of fiction and non fiction pieces and excerpts centering around food, cooking and eating. Several pieces contain recipes, although not any I would attempt to follow.
Very much an artefact of its time (the mid-nineties) and with a majority of male contributors, and a prevailing tone of
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superiority and self satisfaction I am reminded of a certain, once ubiquitous, male dominated, intellectual style that I am grateful has mostly disappeared - or at least is no longer represented in my library.
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