Granta 36: Vargas Llosa for president

by Mario Vargas Llosa

Paper Book, 1991





New York : Granta, 1991.


The novelist's personal account of his campaign for the presidency of Peru. Plus: Alvaro Vargas Llosa as his father's press officer, Sergio Ramirez on the end of the Sandinistas, George Steiner on the end of the dream of communism, Graham Swift, T. Coraghessan Boyle, and Martin Amis's Time's Arrow (part three). In this issue: Mario Vargas Llosa: A Fish Out of Water; Alvaro Vargas Llosa: The Press Officer; Mark Malloch Brown: The Consultant; Sergio Ramirez: Election Night in Nicaragua; George Steiner: Proofs; Martin Amis: Time's Arrow (Part Three): The Conclusion; T. Coraghessan Boyle: Sitting on Top of the World; Graham Swift: Plastic; David Grossman: Cairo

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Half of the entries in this edition of Granta deal with Latin America, marking a change from the magazine's usual Eurocentric focus. The main pieces document Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa's unsuccessful campaign for President of Peru in 1989. The two following articles give insight into the
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campaign from his son, Alvaro, who was the Press Officer, and Mark Malloch Brown, a campaign strategy consultant from a US public relations firm. All in all, these three voices provide a unique look into the campaign.
The fiction ranges from a nearly unreadable story about the personal consequences of the fall of communism in Europe in the late 1980s, to a sterling story by T. C. Boyle about a resourceful woman working alone in a firewatch tower in the middle of the wilderness who has to decide what to do about a man who shows up with romantic intentions.
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