I have landed : the end of a beginning in natural history

by Stephen Jay Gould

Hardcover, 2002




New York : Harmony Books, c2002.


Gould's final essay collection is based on his remarkable series for Natural History magazine--exactly 300 consecutive essays, with never a month missed, published from 1974 to 2001. Both an intellectually thrilling journey into the nature of scientific discovery and the most personal book he ever published.

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LibraryThing member BraveKelso
Gould finished after 9/11, and after his diagnosis with terminal cancer. His fundamental decency and honour shine through.
LibraryThing member psiloiordinary
Another excellent collection of thought provoking essays. A nice additional flavour we get bits of his family history and obscure historical anecdotes to season the usual diet of evolutionary science.

This is what he is best at.
LibraryThing member tnilsson
Gould is one of my favorite authors. I adore his books of essays. This one, however, did not do it for me, perhaps because the essays are more personal to Gould and less generally informative about science and history.
LibraryThing member clmerle
It was with bittersweetness that I read Gould's final collection of Natural History essays. I started with his first, Ever Since Darwin, and read every collection. I learned a great deal about evolution and natural history. It instilled a love for the genre and I've gone on to read other authors in
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the field, Sean Carroll and Neil Shubin come to mind.

Gould and Sagan were two of the giants popularizing science when I was growing up. We will not see their like again, but we do see variations on a theme and that's good enough.
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