Women of the Beat generation : the writers, artists, and muses at the heart of a revolution

by Brenda Knight

Paper Book, 1996




Berkeley, Calif. : Conari Press, 1996


An anthology of the lives, writings and secrets of the women of the Beat Generation, this book contains biographies poetry and prose by Hettie Jones, Joyce Johnson, Ruth Weiss, Jan Kerouac, and others. It contains commentary by American poet of the year Anne Waldman and Allen Ginsberg.

User reviews

LibraryThing member samantha464
A wonderfully comprehensive overview of the often overlooked female half of the beat movement. This collection avoids the pitfalls of many similar anthologies, that offer either only the bare bones of its subjects, or go too far in depth on too few poets. A great tie-in with the more common works on Kerouac, Burroghs, etc., with well written back stories as well as a good selection of poetry. A good introduction to this slice of American literary history, and an essential item for anyone who wants to study the beats in-depth.… (more)
LibraryThing member mahallett
very interesting. a little hard to listen to. a better read i think. many people i'd never heard of. a good picture of a time. will get the book from the library. hope it has photos. one really irritating reader. hope it wasn't the Debster.
the only way spell check will let me write that word is with a capital.… (more)


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