Dachau, Holocaust, and US samurais : Nisei soldiers first in Dachau?

by Pierre Moulin

Paperback, 2007





Bloomington, IN : AuthorHouse, c2007.


Well known historian, Pierre Moulin, published successively US Samourais en Lorraine, Chronicle of Bruyeres-in-Vosges in French, 50th anniversary of the liberation of Vosges, US Samurais in Bruyeres in French and English and many others. He was made honorary citizen of Hawaii, San Antonio Texas and Fresno California. On the summary of this historical and pictorial book (295 pictures), you will find the true story of Dachau from 1933 to nowadays. For the first time, the real role played in the liberation of the death camp's prisoners by the Japanese American Unit, the 522nd Field Artillery. The Holocaust with all its horror shows the Jewish Final Solution. The survivors of the Shoa, the Righteous Among the nations and for the first time published, the story of the diplomats saving Jews in Visas for Life. More than 60 years ago, on April 29th, 1945, Dachau was liberated and the entire world was in shock in front of this unbelievable reality. Today, the young generation doesn't even known the name of Hitler This book is for them and their parents to keep the story alive. Their world is bristling with traps and we would be responsible if we don't prepare them as best as we could. To inform our children is our duty. We have to remain vigilant and prove again and again those facts happened. This bloody page of inhumanity should not be forgotten. Wishing the men took the lesson of the History, the last words of this book, were Never Again, but. Dachau, Holocaust and U.S. Samurais is a non-fiction telling the story of the Holocaust (the Final Solution of the Jewish question) and especially the history of the first Nazi concentration camp (Dachau) from 1933 to 1945 222 pages inpictures. The role played at the liberation by the Samurais of the 522nd Field Artillery battalion of the US Army composed exclusively by Americans of Japanese Ancestry who came from Concentration camps in the USA. The statistics of the Holocaust but also the story of the Righteous Among the Nations (the non Jewish people who saved Jews during the war) and for the first time printed the story of Visas for life (the Diplomats of who saved thousands of Jews) More than 400 pictures recall the atrocities committed by the Nazis. This story must be told ever and ever to be never forgotten.… (more)



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