What would your character do? : personality quizzes for analyzing your characters

by Eric Maisel

Other authorsAnn Maisel (Author)
Hardcover, 2006




Cincinnati, Ohio : Newton Abbot : Writer's Digest ; David & Charles [distributor], 2006.


Get Inside Your Character's Head Just how well do you know your characters? Test yourself-and your characters-with 30 interactive pop quizzes designed to help you discover exactly what makes your characters tick. Noted author Eric Maisel draws on his technical knowledge of the craft and his background in psychology to show you how to combine character traits, character psychology, and character development to create realistic, memorable, and mutable characters. The 30 real-life scenarios include questions and answers that provide you with a window into your characters' souls. For example: What would motivate your character to tell a lie-a big lie that may have unintended consequences? Is your character the type who would blow the whistle on a corporate cover-up or would she quietly toe the line? How would your character cope with the loss of a parent with whom he was exceptionally close? How likely would your character be to flirt with an attractive stranger in a hotel bar? Is your character the type who would drop everything-and everyone-for a spontaneous road trip? Plus, find out how to develop each scenario further using corresponding prompts and specific psychological insight into areas such as the role friendship plays in a person's mental and physical health, conflict resolution in intimate relationships, and the connection between time-impatience and free-floating hostility. With What Would Your Character Do?, you don't have to guess at your character's responses to the important decisions and unexpected challenges he's sure to encounter in your story. Use and reuse these scenarios on each of your characters until you've got a nuanced, distinct cast that readers will never be able to forget!… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member chibiju
I love this book. Its not a guide you use daily to write. Instead, it is a book you go to whenever you want to delve deep into your character's psyche. The scenarios help you realize how your character would react in particular situations and what makes them tick.



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