A history of modern poetry: From the 1890s to Pound, Eliot, & Yeats

by David Perkins

Hardcover, 1976






Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1976-1987.

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LibraryThing member stillatim
What's not to like? Beautifully written, comprehensive, fair without being bland. It's definitely written as a defense of modern poetry, so 'romantic' and associated terms are criticisms, which might not be perfectly reasonable. But you have to write from some perspective, and it's not like he hides it. Highly, highly recommended: you're guaranteed to feel like reading the poets he writes about, although the longer chapters dedicated to the major figures - Eliot, Pound and Yeats - aren't quite as much fun as the survey chapters. No matter. Can't wait for volume II.… (more)


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