Camping with Henry and Tom : a new play

by Mark St. Germain

Hardcover, 1995





Garden City, N.Y. : Fireside Theatre, 1995.


"When you're President, there's no such thing as a free ride. Warren Harding knew it when he accepted Henry Ford's invitation to join him and Thomas Edison on their annual camping trip. When the three men find themselves stranded in the woods--Ford's Model T having hit a deer and crashed into a tree--the niceties are brushed aside and the power struggle begins."--Publisher's description.

User reviews

LibraryThing member drjesons
This is a hilarious play which I suggest listening to (starring Alan Alda).
It is about a 1921 camping trip that Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and President Warren G. Harding took. During their adventure, they discuss love, politics, prejudices, ambitions, and their opinions of each other. The author brings out their human side, their complaints, their disappointments and what brings them joy. Henry Ford comes out as an arrogant businessman who seeks out the presidency. Humble Warren Harding does not wish to be a president. Thomas Edison seems to want to be left alone and does not see himself as a genius who changed people‚Äôs life for the better. The conversations are fiction, but still we discover a lot about the time period and the events in the lives of these important men.… (more)
LibraryThing member Devil_llama
A quirky little play, based on a camping trip that Warren Harding took with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The camping trip is known to have happened; the dialogue is pure speculation, as no particular conversations were recorded. The author created the dialogue from what is known about the characters. Overall, he appears to have been good at capturing their basic philosophies of life, and the dialogue flows well. A side story about a deer that Henry Ford hit with the car adds a little interest, brings something else into the arena but the same old politics and business. A decent work, but not exactly a masterpiece.… (more)



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