The Feynman processor : quantum entanglement and the computing revolution

by Gerard J. Milburn

Hardcover, 1998




Reading, Mass. : Perseus Books, 1998.

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LibraryThing member UnChatNoir
Although it was a good book, I really do not understand the point of writing books like this. Too complicated for someone without basic knowledge of quantum theory and computer science, and probably too basic for someone familiar with those two fields. Having mentioned and explained things like GHZ state, Bell state, Hilbert space, EPR paradox, Turing-Church principle, Feynman diagram... and at the same time explaining how do you convert decimal numbers to binary and add them, in the same book, is rather silly and pointless. And also in one chapter he used certain terms like they were interchangeable, while they're not.

Maybe I'll have better luck with Mermin, Nielsen, Bell and Zeiliger, while waiting for Makarov to write something.
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