Shadows on the ivy : an antique print mystery

by Lea Wait

Paper Book, 2004





New York : Scribner, c2004.


"Maggie Summer has three loves: her antique print business, Shadows; her career as a community college professor in Somerset County, New Jersey; and the new man in her life, Will Brewer. Her biological clock is pushing her to decide whether she's ready to add a fourth love; an adopted child." "Although Will is on the road just now, Maggie's life is full. She uses prints by Currier & Ives, Thomas Nast, and William Ludwell Sheppard to illustrate her lectures on American cultural history, and Oliver and Dorothy Whitcomb, a wealthy couple who are on the college board, are two of her best customers." "When the Whitcombs design and dedicate a special dormitory for single parents and their children, Maggie is thrilled to become the faculty adviser to the young parents. Her new assignment gives her plenty of time to think about what single parenthood would mean for her. Plenty of time - until one of the young mothers is poisoned, and the web of danger at the dorm threatens to encircle Maggie." "There is a killer on campus. Is it an outsider or someone Maggie knows and trusts? Does someone want to destroy Whitcomb House or the college? And is Maggie in as much danger as her students?" "As always, Maggie finds the answers to her questions in the antique prints she knows and loves. And this time, torn between her own needs and those of her students, the most important discoveries Maggie makes are about herself."--BOOK JACKET.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member CateK
Well written, but a formula mystery, where the plot relies upon the main character making really dumb decisions (hint: if you're hiding evidence about 2 murders in your desk and your office is ransacked, Give The Evidence To The Police! Do NOT take it home!!)


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