Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen

by Elizabeth Bowen

Paperback, 1989





Harpercollins Publisher (1989), 782 pages


Widely known for her much-admired novels, including The Heat of the Day, The House in Paris, and The Death of the Heart, Elizabeth Bowen established herself in the front rank of the century's writers equally through her short fiction.   This collection brings together seventy-nine magnificent stories written over the course of four decades. Vividly featuring scenes of bomb-scarred London during the Blitz, frustrated lovers, acutely observed children, and even vengeful ghosts, these stories reinforce Bowen's reputation as an artist whose finely chiseled narratives--rich in imagination, psychological insight, and craft--transcend their time and place.

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LibraryThing member Ameise1
This book, filled with short stories about women of different types and men who believe the women to understand but can not at all this, was a great reading.
The very different types of women, sometimes girlish, sometimes matrons, sometimes uncertain personalities and then strong character, are described in great detail with all their wishes, their thinking and their anger. The inadequacy of the men, who often made me smile, are presented in detail with every stereotype.
Bowens writing style is fascinating. She writes in such a detailed manner that her stories are perceived as a film. Of course, her figures mostly come from the better society, but this also has to do with the time in which they were written.
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