The Scars of Evolution

by Elaine Morgan

Paperback, 1994




Oxford University Press (1994), 208 pages


In this lively and controversial book Elaine Morgan presents a challenging interpretation to the question of human evolution. With brilliant logic she argues that our hominid ancestors began to evolve in response to an aquatic environment. Millions of years ago something happened that caused our ancestors to walk on two legs, to lose their fur, to develop larger brains and learn how to speak. Elaine Morgan discovers what this event was by studying the many incongruous flaws in the physiological make-up of humans. The human body is liable to suffer from obesity, lower back pain and acne. In support of her aquatic ape hypothesis she points out the flaws in our physiological make-up: the difficulties of erect bipedalism, our hairlessness and fat-layers, our preference for face to face sex and the way we breathe. Are these flaws a record of the history of the species, the ‘scars’ of evolution that are clues to earlier stages of evolution? Morgan establishes the origins of the...… (more)

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LibraryThing member jamclash
Morgan argues, among other things, that the vagina (and the monthly menstural cycle) are designed to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. Sperm, in her view, are foreign invaders, and only the strongest get in.


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