Freaky Deaky

by Elmore Leonard

Hardcover, 1988





New York : Arbor House, 1988.


Chris Mankowski gets suspended from the Detroit Police Department for investigating the rich, powerful, and completely drunk Woody Ricks, so he decides to take matters into his own hands, with hilarious results.

User reviews

LibraryThing member pgmcc
This is the first Elmore Leonard book I have read, but I was familiar with the movie based on his novel, "Get Shorty". "Freaky Deaky" was very much the same type of fast paced, wisecracking story with an integral plot involving mishaps and police procedures. The characters were well sculpted and bounced off one another just right.

I found it very entertaining. It is just the type of light relief one needs every now and again.
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LibraryThing member gazzy
Better than a movie, this fast paced adventure is based in Michigan, with all the usual colorful E.L. characters drawn razor sharp.
LibraryThing member nmele
If not for my book club, I would probably not have read anything by Elmore Leonard, ever, despite reading reviews praising him for his dialogue and characters. I agree, his writing is superb: funny, sharp, surprising.
LibraryThing member andy475uk
The first time that I read Freaky Deaky (back in the eighties) it was my first encounter with Elmore Leonard and made me want to go out and read most of his back catalogue immediately. Therefore, coming back to it again I was surprised to find that I didn't enjoy it as much as I had previously and felt it lacked the wit and excitement of some of his other books. I think, part of the problem is that the main character Chris Mankowski doesn't really compare in strength to other classic Leonard characters like Foley, Stick or Chili Palmer and although there's plenty of double crossing taking place here it's not as well plotted as some of the other books that he's written.… (more)



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