Writing without the muse : 50 beginning exercises for the creative writer

by Beth Joselow

Paperback, 1995




Brownsville, OR : Story Line Press, 1995.


The 60 excercises in Writing Without the Muse are designed to help writers get started on, and stick with, whatever they want to write. Many of these exercises are playful, because much creativity comes from play. Others introduce reliable writing habits that can help fuel the writing process. Some are for poets, some for fiction writers, and some for those who want to record the story of their lives. They are meant to be dipped into at will, shuffled around, altered, and shared with a friend. All have been tested in the kitchens (and studies) of students of writing, people of all ages who, like almost all of us, have something special to say. This new and revised edition also contains a brief introduction and responses from student writers. Beth Baruch Joselow is a creative writing teacher living in Washington, D.C. She is the author of five books of poetry, including Broad Daylight and excontemporary, as well as two critically acclaimed non-fiction books on divorce. "The aspiring writer or working writer should never again face 'writer's block' after consulting this handbook."-The Small Press Book Review "Joselow pulls together an interesting mix for stretching both linear- and nonlinear-thinking students. Judicious use of these exercises could disarm defensive or fearful students and structure the approaches of those with unfocused energy."-The Edge City Review "Beth Joselow is both a rigorous and supportive teacher. She consistently challenges her students and helps them to do their best. I have often benefited from her suggestions in teaching my own classes."-Nan Fry, Associate Professor, The Corcoran School of Art… (more)

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LibraryThing member keely_chace
Not just for beginning writers. Lots of great exercises in here for anyone who simply wants to shake up their usual writing habits.



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