Walter Pater: Lover of Strange Souls

by Denis Donoghue

Hardcover, 1995




New York : Knopf, 1995.


Traces the life of the influential British writer who paved the way for modernism, and discusses his ideas and their reception by his contemporaries.

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LibraryThing member JayLivernois
A dense, almost unreadable, academic biography (the author was a literature professor at NYU) of one of the 19th century's famous aesthetes--the progenitor of "art for arts sake"--but worth the read for a deeper understanding of what much of our contemporary sense of beauty stands on. However, he also understands the great pitfall of where art is today. He writes: "... disastrous has been the subjection of literature and art to the censorship of blatantly reductive attention in behalf of political, social, and moral rectitude."… (more)


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