The Kentucky cycle

by Robert Schenkkan

Hardcover, 1993





New York : Plume, c1993


In this series of nine short plays, Pulitzer Prize - winning playwright Robert Schenkkan has created a mesmerizing epic saga of rural Kentucky and an unblinking look at the truth behind our American mythology. Spanning two centuries and seven generations, this is the story of three families whose lives are irrevocably intertwined. From the darker realities of our pioneer heritage to the bloody lessons of the Civil War, from the inspiring battles between Union coal miners and deal-making management to the harsh environmental legacy of strip-mining, this fascinating work chronicles the lives of people who use any means possible to carve out a better place for themselves in an often brutal, unpredictable world. A remarkable theatrical event, The Kentucky Cycle is a compelling and unsentimental look at the men and women who founded this country and a powerful allegory for our times.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member Devil_llama
A series of short plays, meant to be performed as two full length plays, that follow a family through 300 years and several generations. The patriarch starts off the show by treating us to a particularly nasty example of white interaction with Native Americans; his descendants show throughout the play that things haven't changed as much as we might like to think. The author doesn't attempt to whitewash the story with the nobility of the working poor, but he also spares little kindness to the wealthy landowners who exploit local misery for their own gain. The play is well written, a bit grim in parts (many parts), but engaging and able to hold the interest.… (more)



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