Sylvia Beach and the lost generation : a history of literary Paris in the twenties and thirties

by Noel Riley Fitch

Hardcover, 1983




New York : Norton, 1983.


Noel Riley Fitch has written a perfect book, full to the brim withliterary history, correct and whole-hearted both in statement and inimplication. She makes me feel and remember a good many things thathappened before and after my time. I'm glad to have lived long enoughto read it. --Glenway Wescott

User reviews

LibraryThing member PapaDubs
What a wonderful story about a fascinating woman. Sylvia Beach's selfless devotion to the works of Joyce and others is inspiring. I would have loved to looked through the window and listened at the door of Shakespeare and Company to see and hear the stories told in this book. The story itself deserves a 4 star rating but I can't rate the book a 4 star because the books writing seemed to me a bit disorganized. I'd still recommend the book though. Enjoyable read.… (more)
LibraryThing member dbsovereign
Nice overview that includes the whole cast of characters who were hanging out in Paris at the time. Makes one realize that the 20s were truly an amazing time when the arts were at a crossroad. A time when painting, music (jazz), and writing were all transforming themselves. We have not seen anything like except for maybe the 60s...… (more)



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