Rainstorm over the alphabet : poems, 1990-2000

by Bill Tremblay

Paperback, 2001






Portland, Or. : Berkeley, CA : Lynx House Press ; Distributed by Small Press Distribution, c2001.


"Bill Tremblay is an unusual poet in this time. . . . People are real to him. I find he has a fantastic grasp of the way human psyches, especially those in distress, move, and he does not encourage the pale aesthetic stuff . . . but writes about the most important experiences." -Robert Bly "Bill Tremblay's poems are committed to life. That's not easy, not even particularly common of poetry in the United States now. The verse is at once socially engaged and well-crafted. Tremblay looks at history and moment, tangles with it all, struggles from it and deals it to us in the poem." -Margaret Randall "Bill Tremblay's poems are, at their best, fresh measures of a man who is most alive in moments of crisis and confrontation. His poems come at the reader hip and shoulder, ecstasy by catastrophe, and come prepared to turn even humiliation into a triumph of sorts, sometimes by sheer force of presence." -William Pitt Root, Poetry Describing Duhamel: Ideas of Order in Little Canada: "The harsh, complex clarity and paradoxically tender compassion of this book make an extraordinary power for the dimensions of its hero, Duhamel. No work of recent poetry has entered such ground at all. Bill Tremblay offers a unique testament to a world whose brutal fragility has found no other way to speak." -Robert Creeley Bill Tremblay grew up in the shadows of the mills of Southbridge, Massachusetts, and later worked in those same mills, a body of experience that informs all of his writing. The author of six full-length collections of poetry and one novel, The June Rise: The Apocryphal Letters of Antoine Janis, he teaches at Colorado State University.… (more)



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