Captains of the Sands

by Jorge Amado

Other authorsGregory Rabassa (Translator)
Paperback, 1988




Avon Books (P) (1988), Edition: First Edition, 248 pages


They call themselves 'Captains of the Sands,' a gang of orphans and runaways who live by their wits and daring in the torrid slums and sleazy back alleys of Bahia. Led by fifteen-year-old 'Bullet,' the band-including a crafty liar named 'Legless,' the intellectual 'Professor,' and the sexually precocious 'Cat'-pulls off heists and escapades against the right and privileged of Brazil. But when a public outcry demands the capture of the 'little criminals,' the fate of these children becomes a poignant, intensely moving drama of love and freedom in a shackled land.

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LibraryThing member Miguelnunonave
Tremendously beautiful account of the lifes of street children in Salvador, told with sublime sensitivity and lyricism. One of the few books that does actually move you (unless your heart is made of stone). And yet, despite the theme, it manages to be positive, not overly melodramatic. Amado is
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probably the greatest Brazilian writer.
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LibraryThing member Haidji
Captains of the sands It tells the story of street kids in Salvador - Bahia in the 30s.
They are seven to fifteen years old and live by begging, gambling and stealing, abandoned in the streets of Salvador.
Being homeless, they call themselves “Captains of the Sands".
I recommend this book.


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