Hotel Savoy

by Joseph Roth

Paperback, 1988





Overlook Books (1988), 192 pages


A novel, together with two novellas, reveals Roth's skill in minute observation and his sensitivity to the tragedy of human life.

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LibraryThing member akfarrar
.... an American returnee who will solve all the financial troubles of a whole host of shadowy characters trapped in the Hotel Savoy.

The Hotel itself seems to function as a mixture between a spider's web and a somnifer! It is a trap for those returning from the First World War, for the poor and for the once rich.

There is a missing Greek owner, an old lift boy who holds the trunks of poor guests as security against payment, and a factory owner who is less concerned with the ongoing strike in his factory than trying to make money through speculation on the currency market.

Throughout the short novel there is an awful sense of an imploding world - of a suspended collapse just waiting for a trigger to release it. The characters seem to wish it and at the same time dread the event.

The trigger is provided in the end by one of those silly, unimportant events which are of no significance in themselves.

There is something truly tragic and at the same time terrifying in this story of a Hotel peopled as it is by the flotsam of a disintegrated world.
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