Nureyev, his life

by Diane Solway

Hardcover, 1998




New York : William Morrow, c1998.


Everyone knows the name Rudolf Nureyev, but does anyone know the man behind the myth? Diane Solway does; she spent over four years and conducted more than 200 interviews with his family, his friends and lovers, his colleagues, and even his doctors to research Nureyev: His Life, the first book to capture him as he was onstage and off -- a great artist whose talent was matched only by his steely will to succeed.Here is his professional career: his famed partnership with Margot Fonteyn, his personal transformation of the Royal Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, his impact on dance companies all over the world, his collaborations with Martha Graham and Paul Taylor, and, behind all his accomplishments, the athletic grace and profound understanding that was his gift of genius. Here, too, is the private Nureyev: his Soviet childhood, his inner demons, the men and women who were willing to devote their lives to him. Solway chronicles his flamboyant, extravagant lifestyle, his celebrity-studded circle of friends -- Jacqueline Onassis, Andy Warhol, and Marlene Dietrich, to name only three -- his stormy love affairs, his homosexual promiscuit… (more)

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LibraryThing member ivanlippi4
Solway traces Nureyev's remarkable climb out of poverty in the war-torn Soviet Union to become one of the century's most popular and influential artists.
LibraryThing member picardyrose
Didn't like it.



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