At seventy : a journal

by May Sarton

Paperback, 1984




New York ; London : Norton, 1987, c1984.


May Sarton--poet, novelist, and chronicler--occupies a special place in American letters. This new journal chronicles the year that began on May 3, 1982, her seventieth birthday. At her home in Maine, she savors "the experience of being alive in this beautiful place," reflecting on nature, friends, and work. "Why is it good to be old?" she was asked at one of her lectures. "Because," she said, "I am more myself than I have ever been."

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LibraryThing member maiadeb
Aging happens but in our minds and our bodies the aging takes place differently. This is a journey with a avibrant, head strong woman. She taught me that being selfish is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a powerful tool for self discovery, longevity and productivity. Her prose is fine and the walks down her lane everyday remain in my heart.… (more)



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