The decorative illustration of books

by Walter Crane

Paper Book, 1994




London : Senate, 1994.


Published in 1896 at the peak of his career, this work by Walter Crane (1845-1915) was developed from a series of lectures given to the Society of Arts in 1889. Although chiefly remembered as an illustrator of books for children, Crane was a versatile and knowledgeable artist and designer. His practical experience with book illustration and printing methods gives this text the weight of considerable authority. A prominent figure in the Arts and Crafts movement alongside William Morris, he demonstrates here his understanding of historical techniques of illustration since the medieval period. Drawing parallels across the ages, Crane notes in particular how Arts and Crafts aesthetics influenced book illustration in the late Victorian era. Featuring copious reproductions of illustrations ranging in date, style, technique and sophistication, this work reflects Crane's artistic ethos through the exploration of many examples of exquisite craftsmanship.… (more)



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