The prize of all the oceans : the dramatic true story of Commodore Anson's voyage round the world and how he seized the Spanish treasure galleon

by Glyn Williams

Hardcover, 2000




[New York] : Viking, 2000.


Commodore Anson's voyage around the world in 1740-44 holds a unique and terrible place in British naval history. This work recounts this classic journey from sea history, detailing the dramatic hardships, diasters, mutiny and heroism that occurred.

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LibraryThing member oparaxenos
This was a much better book than I expected when I cracked the cover. It had been sitting on my "to-read" shelf for over 10 years, and I am sorry I did not get to it sooner. Anson's voyage belongs to an era before British supremacy at sea was taken for granted, and I was surprised to learn, for example, that Royal Navy officers and men in the 1740s did not have a standard uniform. This, is a very readable and informative account of an epic voyage with an equally-epic mortality rate from scurvy. Another account of "men of iron sailing in ships of wood".… (more)



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