Ride with me, Mariah Montana

by Ivan Doig

Hardcover, 1990




New York : Atheneum, 1990.


This greathearted novel is the finale of Ivan Doig's passionate and authentic trilogy about the McCaskill family and their alluring Two Medicine country along the hem of the northern Rockies. Jick McCaskill, the illustrious narrator of "English Creek," returns as the witty and moving voice in this classic encounter with the American road and all the rewards and travails it can bring. Jick faces his family's -- and his state's -- legacy of loss and perseverance from the vantage point of Montana's centennial in 1989 when his daughter Mariah enlists him as Winnebago chauffeur to her and her ex-husband, the magnificently ornery and eloquent columnist Riley Wright, when their news-paper dispatches them to dig up stories of the "real Montana." Just as the centennial is a cause for reflection as well as jubilation, the exuberant travels of this trio bring on encounters with the past in "memory storms" that become occasions for reassessment and necessary accommodations of the heart.… (more)

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LibraryThing member kukulaj
This is a very sweet book. It doesn't have the gutsy depth of the previous books in the trilogy. The whole book is a kind of resolution of the tensions of the earlier books. Everything comes out for the best.

I just turned 65 and bought a camper to tool around the country in, so this book really
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resonated with me! I don't expect quite the level of adventure... but, well, maybe we'll have more adventure! Maybe it's the journalistic perspective that keeps everything in the book at a relatively safe distance.

Anyway it was fun to follow their travels on a map of Montana!
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LibraryThing member aliciamalia
The final installment of Doig's Montana trilogy, Ride with Me is a pale shadow of the previous two books. Stick with English Creek.



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