Pugetopolis : a mossback takes on growth addicts, weather wimps, and the myth of Seattle nice

by Knute Berger

Paperback, 2009




Seattle : Sasquatch Books : Distributed by PGW/Perseus, c2009.


"Knute "Skip" Berger is one of the most recognized commentators on politics, culture, business, and life in the Pacific Northwest. He's the Mike Royko/Jimmy Breslin of this part of the country. As Timothy Egan describes him in the Foreword to Pugetopolis, he is the region's "crank with a conscience...a contrarian" thinker who calls out the folly and hubris of mayors, governors, presidents, and gazillionaires. In his signature Mossback column, which ran for years in the Seattle Weekly and now on Crosscut.com, Knute Berger comments on politics (the 50-year odyssey of mass transit), cultural matters (we got art out here in the provinces), the big natural world (what's left of it), enterprise (as in the Microsoft-Starbucks Industrial Complex), and odd local behavior (car-less living that allows mooching rides). As a third-generation Seattle native, he has the perspective to take the long view, so he knows there was a life without jackasses on jet ski, bear attacks in the suburbs, and not so many millionaires. Gathered in Pugetopolis are Knute Berger's best commentaries that provide grist for anyone's mental m… (more)

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LibraryThing member dr_zirk
While Pugetopolis is something of a mixed bag, there's no doubt that Knute Berger is an articulate and interesting voice capable of providing shrewd and humorous analysis of the unique quirks that make the Emerald City such a unbeatable place to live. If the residents of Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound are somewhat prone to making public-spirited blunders of all sorts, at least they make them on a grand scale, and only after excessive hand-wringing, debate, and "morning after" regret. Berger loves to chronicle it all, and if some of his insights are rather pedestrian, at his best he manages to succinctly encapsulate the many and varied elements that make up this strange and wonderful city.… (more)




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