The Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Northwest Coast Indian Art

by Peter L. McNair

Paperback, 1984




University of Washington Press (1984), 193 pages


A classic book on Native American art and culture is back in print, in a new edition that includes updates to the artists' biographies and Native American names. The Legacy is so much more than an elegant art book. It is a delightful and informative guide to the continuing Native American artistic traditions. A spectacular selection of color photographs displays the work of 39 artists, and the authors present a detailed analysis of the culture that inspired their work. The authors also discuss the social function of the artists' work, and the different styles, techniques, and materials used to create them. Since it first appeared in print in 1984, The Legacy has been reprinted a dozen times and sold more than 25,000 copies. This enduring tribute to contemporary Northwest Coast Native American art is an important guide for both scholar and novice.… (more)


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