The volcano : poems

by Norman Dubie

Paper Book, 2010





Port Townsend, Wash. : Copper Canyon Press, c2010.


"One of our premier poets."--The New York Times "Dubie's dramatic poetry seeks to represent our deepest moments of perception, struggle, and revelation. Out of his voice come the voices of multitudes. Yet his achievement and vision are singular."--American Book Review TheBoston Review called Norman Dubie's poems "extraordinary," and the evocative poems ofThe Volcano certainly are: lyrically intense, hallucinatory, worldly, and precise. In a five-word poem, "A New Moon," he laments, "I will not see it." But there is much hedoes see: DNA ladders, Sasquatch, Pontius Pilot's mealy figs, and "a calliope of turtles / bobbing in the North Atlantic." Green fruit on a card table. At the roadside, a small boy gnawing on corn smiles with efficient hunger--no one else is alive for a hundred square miles-- the road ruptured above and below him-- the jaguar smiles back in a white cap of ash that is also the night . . . Norman Dubie founded the MFA program at Arizona State University. He lives in Tempe, Arizona.… (more)


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