Frankenstein & Dracula

by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Hardcover, 1995




Smithmark Pub (1995), Edition: 10th, 528 pages


Dracula - This classic horror story expressing the most persistent nightmare of the human condition, is brought to life by a skilled and imaginative cast, coupled with authentic 'monster music'. Frankenstein - Gothic tale of a human being, which runs amok, one of the most vivid horror stories

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LibraryThing member SumisBooks
This one is a bit harder to review seeing as there are 3 very different novels here. 1. Frankenstein was a good read. The story was well told and the characters easy to understand. However, I feel that she spent way too much time setting the scenes for us. It seems there was a lot of filler and not enough real substance. On a personal note, I do find it interesting how the novel never describes the details regarding the creation of the monster and everything we see depicted in movies and television is all theory and fabrication. 2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was extremely difficult for me to get into. Perhaps it was the writing of the time and it just didn't cut the cake for me, I'm not exactly sure. Never-the-less, it was an interesting read. 3. Dracula was NOTHING like any of the modern films donning the name. The closest film adaptation was (shokingly to me) 1922 Nosferatu. I don't quite understand how we went from the decrepit monster in the novel to the charismatic, sexy and awe-inspiring Dracula's of current pop culture. All that aside, the novel was great. I was a bit timid at Stoker's choice to write the novel as compiled journal & diary entries from the characters in the story but it seemed to work out just fine and even gives you several different points of view in this gruesome tale. Very good read.… (more)
LibraryThing member stasch7856
Two of the horror genres greatest creatures in one volume .... 'nuff said!


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