Down by the river

by Edna O'Brien

Paper Book, 1998





New York : Plume, 1998.


In Ireland a girl is raped by her father, but is prevented from having an abortion until a court decides if she can, by which time it is likely to be too late. Mary McNamara, 14, becomes a virtual prisoner and a political football for factions of every kind. Based on real events by the author of House of Splendid Isolation.

User reviews

LibraryThing member jayne_charles
This is based on a true story and as I read it I found myself recalling the media coverage of the case.

Edna O'Brien has a very individual style of writing. She doesn't so much tell as imply. Though her prose is quite poetic, it is can also be hard to follow. There were many of these short chapters that I had to re-read to make sure I had got the point. Sometimes I couldn't work out what the point was. Though I think I just about got the story, it sort of fluttered at the edge of my vision like a dream straight after you wake up. An acquired taste in literature I think!… (more)


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