A guide to orchestral music : the handbook for non-musicians

by Ethan Mordden

Hardcover, 1980




New York : Oxford University Press, 1980.


Relaxed and accessible in style, this authoritative guide is the first symphony handbook for non-musicians. The book begins with a general introduction to the symphony and short pieces on the orchestra and musical styles. Mordden goes on to describe, chronologically, over 700 pieces--fromVivaldi to twentieth-century composers. Further aids to the reader include two lists of repertory builders and a glossary of musical terms. "Easy and pleasurable to read...a genuinely useful guide for the music lover who has not had a musical education but loves concert music."--John Barkham Reviews

User reviews

LibraryThing member LisaMaria_C
I have several guides to classical music in my library. Four general guides ones on concertos, chamber, choral and opera. But this is my favorite to browse through--as you could tell from the battered condition of the book, and all the underlined lines and dog-eared pages. It's organized primarily by composer, ordered by date of birth, from Antonio Vivaldi to Hans Werner Henze. I just find Mordden so readable and this book so user friendly and a great introduction to classical music.… (more)



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