Rising, falling, hovering

by C. D. Wright

Hardcover, 2008






Port Townsend, Wash. : Copper Canyon Press, c2008.


C.D. Wright is one of America's leading poets, an artist of idiosyncratic vision who demands ever more from words and poems. As Dave Eggers wrote inThe New York Times, "C.D. Wright has been writing some of the greatest poetry-cum-prose you can find in American literature." Rising, Falling, Hovering is a work of profound social, political, and cultural consequence, a collection that uses experimental forms to climb within the unrest teeming around the world and inside the individual. "We are running on Aztec time," she writes, "fifth and final cycle." In short lyrics and long sequences, Wright's language is ever-sharpened with political ferocity as she overlays voices from the United States, Oaxaca, Baghdad, and the borderlands between nations, to reveal the human struggle for connection and justice during times of upheaval and grief. If a body makes 1 centavo per chile picked or 5 cents for 50 chiles can Wal-Mex get it down to 3 cents. Pass the savings on to US. Will they open a Supercenter in Falluja once it is pacified. Once the corpses in the garden have decomposed. Once the wild dogs have finished off the bones. Does the war never end. Is this the war of all against all. Who will build the great wall between us, the illegals, the vigilantes, the evangelicals. . . C.D. Wright, author of twelve collections of poetry and prose, is a professor of English at Brown University and received a MacArthur Fellowship in 2005. She lives outside Providence, Rhode Island.… (more)


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