by Russell Hoban

Hardcover, 1983




New York : Summit Books, 1983.

Media reviews

In the end, Pilgermann does live, both as a character in a vivid moment of the historical past and as a living, questing spirit. Hoban successfully creates a pilgrim who once traveled and who has not stopped. His novel is not an easy read only a fascinating and rewarding one.

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LibraryThing member DinadansFriend
This is the only Hoban book I've read. Very few novels about the first Crusade deal with the pogroms indulged in by some Crusaders before, or in lieu of their trips to the Middle East. The title character is traumatized by his share in such a crime. So he tries to internalize his actions. But he suffers a lot. A book that I think is revisionist rather than honestly historical.… (more)



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