We can't teach what we don't know : white teachers, multiracial schools

by Gary R. Howard

Paperback, 1999




New York : Teachers College Press, c1999.


Once again, in this expanded Second Edition, Gary Howard outlines what good teachers know, what they do, and how they embrace culturally responsive teaching. Howard brings his bestselling book completely up to date with today's school reform efforts and includes a new introduction and a new chapter that speak directly to current issues such as closing the achievement gap, and to recent legislation such as No Child Left Behind. With our nation's student population becoming ever more diverse, and teachers remaining largely White, this book is now more important than ever. A must-read in universities and school systems throughout the country, We Can't Teach What We Don't Know continues to facilitate and deepen the discussion of race and social justice in education.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member gjacobs
This is an important book for white educators who struggle with what it means to be white and committed to social justice education. The author helps the reader understand various ways to think about whiteness, to understand the racialized nature of our society, and to think about the nature of racism in our society. The author puts me off a little bit with some of his "warm and fuzzy new agey" language, but I can overlook that to the importance of his argument. My fear, however, is that if I use this book with students, some might discount his words because of his tendency toward touchy-feely language.… (more)
LibraryThing member autumnesf
I am not a teacher, but I was given this book by a friend so I read it while on vacation. I found it very helpful as a white parent of a non-white child. There is alot of good advice on how to get over white guilt and how to move forward and be helpful to our children and the world in general. It talks about how we need to work together and not expect people of color to be our guides, etc. Really is worth a read.… (more)



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