The Brothers Karamazov: The Garnett Translation (Norton Critical Editions)

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Paperback, 1976





W. W. Norton & Company (1976), Edition: New, 912 pages


Dostoevsky's sources for the characters and situations of the novel are set forth in an extract from Lev Reynus's Dostoevsky and Staraya Russa and in selections from Dostoevsky's letters and diary, all translated by Professor Matlaw. Konstantin Mochulsky's essay provides a general discussion of the work. Important questions as to the craft of the novel, its characterization, Dostoevsky's symbolism, the Grand Inquisitor, and the theme of religious salvation are surveyed in critical pieces by Dmitry Tschizewskij, Robert L. Belknap, Edward Wasiolek, Harry Slochower, D. H. Lawrence, Albert Camus, Nathan Rosen, Leonid Grossman, Ya. E. Golosovker, R. P. Blackmur, and Ralph E. Matlaw. Several of these selections are also recently translated from the Russian. A Selected Bibliography is included.… (more)

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LibraryThing member Mromano
It may be the greatest book ever written, at least that I have read. I haven't read War and Peace or Les Miserables yet so I reserve judgment on the greatest book of all time. Freud considered it the greatest book ever written and Faulkner was rumored to read it once a year. That is high praise indeed.


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