Status Within : An Autobiography

by Franklin (translator) Philip

Paperback, 1989




Basic Books (1989), 326 pages


In a new preface to this special edition of his critically acclaimed memoir, Francois Jacob recalls the events that brought him to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the early 1960's and taught him much about phage biology and the informal ways of American science. Throughout his book, Jacob demonstrates a scientist's eye for detail and a poet's instinct for the inner life, as he tells of a privileged Parisian boyhood, young love, heroism in war, and the fascination of life at the edge of scientific discovery.

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LibraryThing member FKarr
autobiography of French Nobel Prize-winning biologist; his youth & family, his travails in WW2, his struggles to find his vocation, and finally the scientific wanderings that led to his triumphs


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