Israel Potter : his fifty years of exile

by Herman Melville

Other authorsHarrison Hayford (Editor), Hershel Parker (Editor), G. Thomas Tanselle (Editor), Henry Trumbull
Hardcover, 1982





Evanston : Chicago : Northwestern University Press ; Newberry Library, 1982.


Unique among Melville's works, Israel Potter was the author's only historical novel, presuming to offer the life history of Revolutionary War figure Israel Potter--based on Potter's own obscure narrative Life and Remarkable Adventures of Israel R. Potter--and featuring characters such as Benjamin Franklin and Ethan Allen. In offering the manuscript to his publisher, Melville assured him, "I engage that the story shall contain nothing of any sort to shock the fastidious. There will be very little reflective writing in it; nothing weighty. It is adventure." This came as a relief, for his previous novel, Pierre, had shocked readers and brought down universal castigation. This edition is an Approved Text of the Center for Editions of American Authors (Modern Language Association of America).… (more)


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