Officers and gentlemen

by Evelyn Waugh

Hardcover, 1955




Boston : Little, Brown, c1955.


This is the second volume in the 'Sword of Honor' trilogy. The other volumes in this trilogy include: 'Men at Arms' and 'The End of the Battle'.

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LibraryThing member rocketjk
This is the second book in Waugh's "Sword of Honor" trilogy about the exploits of Guy Crouchback, an officer in the British Army during World War Two. As was the first in the trio, Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen is a sometimes gentle, sometimes scathing satire on war and the British class
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system as well. Crouchback is pleasant, well-meaning, capable and intelligent, if somewhat inept socially. Around him swirls a system that seems to get on quite despite itself. While some of Crouchback's fellow officers match him in quality, many are incompetent, fraudulent, cowardly or all three. Assignments are muddled, missions are planned, revised, then canceled with no explanations forthcoming to the men waiting to embark upon troop ships to carry them out. Amidst all this, Crouchback waits vainly to get into the war. When his group finally goes, it's to a calamitous campaign in Crete, and things get only worse.

Waugh's great sense of humor, and language, keep the narrative running briskly and enjoyably. But the full sense of satire and fun that runs through the first book are here joined by something darker, a keen sadness, even a sense of despair. Writing and rereading this, it occurs to me that this book reminds me in that respect of Catch 22, if you could imagine that book with humor less broad and written by an Englishman.

I guess it's a little hard to tell by reading this that I actually enjoyed Officers and Gentlemen a lot. The reader comes to care about Guy and many of his friends, and almost all of the characters, except the very worst of the lot, are treated by Waugh with an affectionate kindness. I don't know how Waugh intended these books, but as anti-war and anti-bureaucracy dark comedies, they are effecting and memorable.
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LibraryThing member RonWelton
Lieutenant Crouchback, Second Battalion Royal Halberdiers Brigade has returned from service in Dakar under orders to report to Hazardous Offensive Operations Headquarters in London for special duties and is temporarily attached for training purposes to X Commando, Isle of Mugg. He is to report to
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Colonel Blackhouse. " 'Tommy Blackhouse?' 'Friend of yours?' 'Yes. He married my wife.' ...' Glad he's a friend of yours.' Guy saluted, turned about and departed only very slightly disconcerted. This was the classic pattern of army life as he had learned it, the vacuum, the spasm, the precipitation, and with it all the peculiar, impersonal, barely human geniality."
Officers and Gentlemen is not as humorous as Men At Arms. It is closer to the truth.
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